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  •   Joel Portman The Holy Spirit - Online book by Joel Portman covers some basic questions about who He is, how He works, the Gifs of the Spirit, the filling of the Spirit, the Spirit in the Believer, the Holy Spirit before the coming of Christ,
    the Holy Spirit and Scripture, the work of the Spirit towards the world, Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit and other subjects.
  • Brian CrawfordBrian Crawford - ...mother fought for control as the car careened from one side of the narrow road to the other. ...a large boulder stopped us with the wheels pointing skyward. Although I was only not quite eight years of age, this experience would lead me to a spiritual awakening beyond my years. (more)
  • Salvation from drugsSalvation Story of a Drug Addict - Peter Orazuk was literally rescued from a life of drugs and misery. In his own words, Peter tells how he learned he was made for God. Life didn't make sense until he met a family who offered real answers to some of life's most challenging problems. (more)
  • bible  eBible Online Bible - Study the scriptures with this online tool including the King James Verision (KJV), American Standard Version (ASV), Darby, Young's Litteral Translation (YLT), World English Bible (WEB), Bible in Basic English (BBE).  You may view 2 versions side-by-side in a parallel format or view a commentary including Barnes Notes on the New Testament, William Kelly's Bible commentary, Jamison/Brown/Faucett and Robertson Word Pictures.
  • Butch Paquette Butch Paquette grew up in poverty, both physically and emotionally. In reform school from age 12 and then later in prison, he learned about crime and drugs. At one point in his life he planned to committ suicide. But as an adult, Butch found Jesus Christ who changed not only his eternal relationship with God, but also his entire outlook in this life.
  • Anthony ElliottAnthony Elliott - I asked myself was “How do I know that the Bible is true?”  Obviously, you can’t use the object that you are trying to examine as proof, that doesn’t prove anything.  I needed something else (more)
  •  ALCOHOLISM Freedom from an Alcoholic Family Life - A personal life story of Art Ward (Wisconsin, USA) who was raised in a family plagued by addiction, violence and anger. As a young adult, Art found salvation from his sins through a person friend in an unlikely manner.
  • Ann WielengaAnn Wielenga - My dad was walking on the street as a mailman and these two men stopped him and gave him an invitation to the meetings at the Gospel Hall.  My parents had been saved a short time before this and had been searching for the "right Church" (more)
  • Suzy FitchSuzy Fitch - There were many transitions in my thought process that had to take place in my experience before I could first understand what salvation was. I was accustomed to religious traditions but I was, indeed, without salvation. (more)
  • iowa lampstandsGolden Lampstands of Iowa - A history book of some assemblies in Iowa.  Dunkerton, Waterlo, Manchester, Garnavillo, Stout, Applington,
    Hitesville, Aredale, Cylinder, Hampton, Mason City, West Union, Grandview, Marion, Cedar Falls and Antioch 
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Gospel Hall dot Org exists to share information about assemblies of Christians who gather to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to raise awareness of the gospel message and teaching about Christian living in a New Testament Church. 


  • Can a sister shepherd or teach a brother?
    Can a sister shepherd or teach a brother?

    Guidance for this answer comes from Acts 18:26." TARGET="_blank">Acts 18:26. Priscilla’s care for Apollo was not in the context of assembly meetings. Several translators indicate that the expression, "they took him unto them," suggests receiving him to their home. In addition, Priscilla acted in concert with her husband. She didn’t assign Aquila the job of getting Apollos to their home. They moved together and worked together for his spiritual benefit.

    It seems abundantly clear that as Apollos learned "the way of God more perfectly," Priscilla didn’t sit demurely in the corner while Apollos and Aquila engaged in "men talk."

    Our society’s laxness underlines the need for all female and male interactions to be "with all purity" (1 Timothy 5:2)." TARGET="_blank">1 Timothy 5:2).

    Keeping these things in mind, a sister can be used by Lord in trying to help a brother spiritually.

    D. Oliver
  • What is the relationship between railing and physical abuse?
    What is the relationship between railing and physical abuse?

    Railing is verbal, therefore it is not physical abuse. Railing, which is verbal abuse, can be as harmful as physical abuse. It may incite a violent response or it may precede physical abuse. The Lord’s teaching in Matthew 5:21," TARGET="_blank">Matthew 5:21, 22 shows the relationship of derogatory language to murder. Railing and murder have the same mother: hatred in the heart. In the Lord’s eyes, they are of the same kind. The degree of punishment differs for each, but they both are alike condemned as deserving hell fire.

    D. Oliver
  • What events tell us that the Lord's coming is imminent?
    What events tell us that the Lord's coming is imminent?

    The proof that the Lord is coming soon is that "Jesus died and rose again" (1 Thes 4:14)." TARGET="_blank">1 Thes 4:14). Although future events cast their shadows before them, we should never look for events or dates, but for the Lord Himself. Paul twice included himself among the living at the rapture (1 Corinthains 15:; 1 Thessalonians 4" TARGET="_blank">1 Thessalonians 4:). He taught that it is an any moment event. This truth has had sanctifying and satisfying power in the lives of first century and present century saints. Paul and all these believers were wrong if it was necessary to wait for 2000 AD to begin the millennium. Peter taught that God is beyond time, not that there is a 2000 year period between the advents (2 Pet 3:8)." TARGET="_blank">2 Pet 3:8). The best of chronologies makes 1996 the 2000th year since the birth of Christ.

    Hosea 6:2" TARGET="_blank">Hosea 6:2 is a false profession of repentance by Ephraim (v 4), not two days (2000 years) before the millennial age which is the third day (1000 yrs).

    In spite of Scripture's strong warnings, men still set dates. The Lord could come at any moment and this has been true ever since He went back into Heaven. "Yet a little while, how short, The Coming One will come"

    N. Crawford
  • Does the devil still have this power of death?
    Does the devil still have this power of death?

    The devil still has this power of death. The passage does not say that Christ destroyed the power of death or took that from the devil. Christ destroyed the devil or, more accurately, rendered him ineffective (Arndt & Gingrich). He is still the ruler of this world; the blight of sin and death still reigns. He is still active and mighty, and his activity will yet increase (Rev 12:12)." TARGET="_blank">Rev 12:12). However, as a result of the death of the Lord Jesus, the devil will not and cannot thwart God’s plan. In creation, God had more in mind for Earth than making it a peaceful realm. In Eden, the devil had more in mind than ruining creation or making it his dominion.

    D. Oliver
  • Is the purpose of marriage only to bear children?
    Did God establish different roles for man and woman merely for the purpose of their bearing children?

    Forming Eve (Genesis 2:22)" TARGET="_blank">Genesis 2:22) was God's climactic act in creation. This anticipates giving Christ His Bride (John 17:24;" TARGET="_blank">John 17:24; Ephesians 5:32)." TARGET="_blank">Ephesians 5:32). Nothing is dearer to the heart of the Son. No work of the Godhead will ever surpass this. Differing roles not only enable procreation, but also display the relation of Christ to His Church. Also, the headship of man over woman parallels the headship of Christ over man (1 Corinthians 11:3)." TARGET="_blank">1 Corinthians 11:3). Since this relates to the eventual subjection of all things to God (1 Corinthians 15:28)," TARGET="_blank">1 Corinthians 15:28), the roles of man and woman express very precious truths. We do well to cherish and uphold these in an unbelieving world.

    D. Oliver
  • How much intimacy is appropriate for couples who are dating?
    What activities and how much intimacy are appropriate for couples who are dating?

    Christians should seek God's will for a life's partner during courtship. Dating is the time for learning to know each other and planning for the future. It is not (as in society) simply for a good time, or experimentation, or conquest.

    Two words help answer our question: purity and modesty Paul instructed Timothy in 1 Timothy 5:2" TARGET="_blank">1 Timothy 5:2 to encourage "the younger (women) as sisters, with all purity." In Genesis 24:65," TARGET="_blank">Genesis 24:65, Rebecca, when about to meet her husband-to-be, "took a vail, and covered herself."

    A young man should regard his intended as his "sister" during courtship. He should have genuine respect for her that will preserve from violating her purity. An embrace and kiss when greeting or parting is appropriate with his sister and is equally so with his intended. Their greetings may be more than a quick peck on the cheek but they should avoid any activity leading to greater physical intimacy. Both should dress and behave so as not to stir up strong desire in the other. Strong desire may lead to disaster and loss of purity. Couples should avoid circumstances or activities where they would be ashamed to be found. A good testimony is vital.

    Couples need time together. Eating out, drives through the country and visiting points of interest afford suitable opportunities. Visiting older Christians will encourage them. The young may also gain insights of great value for their future together.

    They need to learn each other's values, expectations and goals. They should recognize and make needed adjustments. These are easier to make during courtship than after marriage. Reading and praying together will promote spiritual bonding and growth and begin a good habit for a lifetime together.

    J. Slabaugh
  • How can we help visitors understand New Testament teaching about assembly reception?
    How can we help visitors understand New Testament teaching about assembly reception?

    Society’s creed is tolerance. Evangelicals generally see no distinction between the Church, the Body, and the Church of God. These two factors combined make it likely that visitors not familiar with an assembly’s practices will question why they cannot enjoy the privileges of an assembly. Sometimes on short notice and with little time, overseers will have to give a Biblical answer to those questions. Wherever possible, when bringing a visitor to the Breaking of Bread, help him understand what will happen and why. Be prepared to answer with grace and truth. We would all like to effectively answer such questions, but can be assured that a perfect answer won’t persuade every questioner. We have a responsibility to wisely, patiently, considerately help others understand God’s ways. Help is available through prayer and dependence on the Spirit of God.

    D. Oliver
  • Is the righteousness of Christ imputed to the believer?
    Is the righteousness of Christ imputed to the believer?

    No. Many of the best known evangelicals have affixed their signature to a manifesto of Christian belief that espouses this. The consistent teaching of the New Testament is that we have been declared, have been reckoned, or have become "the righteousness of God." For instance, from 2 Corinthians 5:21," TARGET="_blank">2 Corinthians 5:21, some teach that God put our acts of sins on Christs account and He suffered for them. In a perfectly balanced way, they teach, God now puts Christs acts of righteousness on our account. Our sins became His; His righteousness become ours.

    What became ours, according to 2 Corinthians 5:21," TARGET="_blank">2 Corinthians 5:21, was "righteousness of God" (without an article, "the"), which is not a term describing Christs righteous life on earth. Furthermore, despite the hymn writers words, "He took my sins and my sorrows; He made them His very own," Christ bore our sins, but was Himself holy; "He knew no sin" before, during, and after the cross. He paid the penalty of our sins, but they did not become His. We have become "the righteousness of God," righteous, as required by God, through Christs death, not His life.

    D. Oliver
  • Are there musical instruments in heaven and why will they be used during the Millennium?
    Are there musical instruments in heaven and why will they be used during the Millennium?

    If God has always had a "dwelling place," then heaven is eternal and uncreated. Nothing that was created, apart from spirit beings, and certainly nothing tangible were in heaven until the ascension of our Lord Jesus in a physical body. The three references to harps in heaven in Revelation (Revelation 5:8;" TARGET="_blank">Revelation 5:8; Revelation 14:2;" TARGET="_blank">Revelation 14:2; Revelation 15:2)" TARGET="_blank">Revelation 15:2) all appear to be couched in figurative terms where prayers are "odors," voices sound like harp-singers with harps (JND), and the singers surround "as it were a sea of glass."

    The present age, with its spiritual character and it’s heavenly sanctuary, will have passed during the Millennium. God will have completed one means of dealing with man on earth and will return to complete His promises from a former age. A literal temple on earth will have its sanctuary, its sacrifices, and its priesthood (Ezekiel 40" TARGET="_blank">Ezekiel 40: to Ezekiel 48" TARGET="_blank">Ezekiel 48:). As instruments had a part in Old Testament worship with its sanctuary and sacrifices, they will be appropriate for worship in that coming kingdom. Instruments are not, in themselves, wrong in worship. Their absence in public testimony today indicates the spiritual character of worship as "spiritual sacrifices" (1 Peter 2:5)." TARGET="_blank">1 Peter 2:5). Instruments will be a delightful accompaniment to the worship of God’s people then, as they are today, apart from assembly gatherings.

    D. Oliver
  • Does the bread and the cup of the Lord’s Supper have spiritual value?
    Does the bread and the cup of the Lord’s Supper have spiritual value?

    The hymn expresses it well: "Only bread and only wine, yet to faith the solemn sign . . ." They are not the body and blood of the Lord, but are emblems or reminders of them. These emblems are not types; neither the shape (round, rectangular), substance (flour or yeast), preparation (from a seed, harvested and ground wheat, baked in an oven), nor disposal (whatever happens to them after they are used) has any significance. Partaking of these emblems does not impart divine life or any inherent spiritual benefit more than any other act of obedience to God’s Word.

    Remembering the Lord is a sacred privilege, so there is an elevated responsibility in handling these emblems. Separate emblems of the body and blood of the Lord (1 Corinthians 11:24, 25)" TARGET="_blank">1 Corinthians 11:24, 25) remind us of His death. Behavior inconsistent with this sacred privilege causes particular condemnation (verses 27-30).

    The bread and cup involve a dual symbolism relating to commemoration and communion. In themselves, they remind us of the death of our Lord, commemorated when we remember Him. When we partake of them, we express fellowship. "The communion of the blood of Christ" (1 Corinthians 10:16)" TARGET="_blank">1 Corinthians 10:16) expresses our fellowship with God, His claims having been satisfied (Leviticus 17:11, 1 4;3: 17)." TARGET="_blank">Leviticus 17:11, 1 4;3: 17). "The communion of the body of Christ" expresses our fellowship with one another in the assembly (1 Corinthians 10:16,17)." TARGET="_blank">1 Corinthians 10:16,17). Paul shows that such expressions of fellowship make it morally impossible to participate in any other fellowship inconsistent with His lordship.

    Religion has ascribed to the emblems sacramental value such as the power to take away sins. The emblems do not have spiritual value but they do express spiritual truths.

    D. Oliver
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